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Honor Roll

Honor Roll


PreK Program

Our hands-on PreK classroom provides a learning-rich environment for students which prepares them for an academic kindergarten program.  Creative play, learning centers, story times and basic introduction to phonics, writing and number concepts excite children about learning and pave the way for a positive kindergarten experience.

PreK classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:15-11:15 am.  The PreK Enrichment program is open to students enrolled in the PreK class and runs from 11:15-2:45 pm on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Lower Academy, K-6

These classrooms are filled with exciting learning experiences and a character building atmosphere that encourages a love for learning and a desire to honor God.  Skill-based subjects such as Math and Language Arts allow students to be placed in the skill level most appropriate for their ability.  Some students may accelerate in these areas while others may need time for remediation and extra practice.  We strive to reach each child at his level in order to help him make progress, gain confidence and achieve success.

In other core subjects, cooperative learning is used so that students can learn from each other and benefit from the stimulation and interaction that a group environment brings.  Teachers use creativity and proven strategies that appeal to various learning styles.

A Kindergarten Enrichment Program is now available for students enrolled in the M, W & F Kindergarten Class.

Kindergarten classes meet M, W & F from 8:15-2:45 pm.

Kindergarten Enrichment meets T & TH from 8:15-2:45 pm (only available for students currently enrolled in M,W & F Kindergarten Program).

Grades 1-6 meet M-F from 8:15-2:45 pm.

Upper Academy, 7-12

In the Upper Academy much emphasis is placed on godly character and the foundation of biblical truth.  We desire our students to understand and analyze what they are learning, not merely memorize facts.  A combination of teacher-directed instruction, cooperative learning and personal study encourage students to develop into teachable, inquisitive, live-long learners.

The rigorous academics in the Upper Academy prepare students for further study at the collegiate level.  The honors track offers further challenge for students who have been gifted by God in a particular academic area.  Remediation is also available for students who may need foundational study in Math or Language Arts.  We seek to help every student reach his God-given potential and to develop a heart that strives to pursue excellence in every area of life.


Upper Academy (Grades 7-12) meet M-F from 8:15 am - 2:45 pm.

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